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Yoguini Gudrun Leduc

Gudrun is much more than a career yogini. She is a master martial artist, shiatsu massage practitioner, yoga and pilates instructor, and a fabulous chef. She has spent decades learning the secrets of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Ayurveda. She founded the 5 Elements School for yoga and martial arts in Montreal, Canada, and has recently opened a healing retreat center in Cerro Punta, Panama. Gudrun is loved by thousands of students, many of whom have followed her from Canada to Panama. In and out of her studio, she is a fountain of knowledge for all those around her. She is a dynamic teacher that never ceases to inspire.

Among Gudrun’s best and most dedicated students is her daughter, Katherine, who has taken over the management of the 5 Elements School. Gudrun’s hobbies include cooking, gardening, and the art of bonzai. You can contact her by e-mailing by visiting the Web site of her retreat center, or by calling either +507 6798-7508 (Panama) or +1 514-634-1294 (Canada/USA).


Yoguinis Gudrun y Katherine - Yoga Libre

Yoguinis Gudrun and Katherine Leduc

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